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5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Own a Pair of Cotton Shorts - The Tribe Kids

5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Own a Pair of Cotton Shorts

When you think of what clothes to buy or learn about clothing fashion, cotton is the fabric that first comes to mind. This material is widely used in bedding, medical treatments, towels, home goods, and clothes. Surprisingly, cotton is also one of the largely planted crops, and it is highly sustainable because it is renewable and biodegradable.


This is a revolutionary material in the fashion industry too that goes into all kinds of clothing especially when manufacturing a pair of shorts that don't go off the trend. So, this blog is about why a pair of cotton shorts should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe!


Top 5 Answers Why Girls Should Have a Pair of Cotton Shorts

If you are surfing the market to buy a pair of shorts for girls, choosing the kind of fabric that is right for you can be strenuous. But out of the many, cotton shorts are a perfect investment because there are numerous advantages you can enjoy wearing them. Here are five reasons why you must pick cotton shorts:

1. Ultimate Comfort

While brightly colored shorts made from nylon, stretch spandex, synthetic, and other materials can be fun and stylish to wear, they can never compare to the comfort of cotton shorts!


From heading for an excursion to a vacation or even wearing for a casual purpose, shorts made with cotton are the one piece of clothing that keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. Wearing it can never remind you of the bunching from synthetic materials or any discomforting compressions.

2. Breathable

Ensuring that clothing protects your body rather than damaging it is a serious factor to consider while choosing the right material for your shorts. According to experts, cotton is considered the best material as it has the capacity to breathe.


It helps absorb excessive moisture, keeping your body cooler. On the other hand, if it's synthetic, it can trap water and heat in your groin area, causing the growth of bacteria and yeast and leading to health issues and infections.

3. Complete Protection

Shorts are a carefree attire that most girls prefer. This is due to their ability to provide complete protection from showing the undergarments through them and keep the skin from chaffing or irritation. 


Moreover, clinically, wearing cotton shorts is proven to eliminate all kinds of symptoms of discomfort when the cloth comes in contact with the skin. So, if you have any allergies or chemical sensitivity, wearing a pair of printed shorts for girls is the best option to keep your skin and look balanced when you wear it on a sunny day!

4. Not Harmful

Known for being breathable and comfortable over synthetic materials, cotton is free of toxins and chemicals that can harm your skin and the environment. Additionally, the manufacturing processes also involve certain moral rules and uncompromisable standards.


Moreover, the cotton is certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), a global leader in authenticating the genuineness of fiber textile processing with social and ecological standards. So, from the chemicals that go into the plantation to the printing, they are all safe to wear all day!

5. Sustainable

Cotton is a well-known material that has been durable for years and more sustainable for our planet, unlike cheap synthetic materials that last for a short time. So feel the pride of supporting the safety of the planet by investing in a pair of cotton shorts.


This is because cotton shorts can be returned naturally to the earth, unlike their synthetic counterparts, which take time to break down and release harmful toxins during the process that damages the planet.



The Tribe Kids is the one-stop fashion point when it comes to purchasing cotton shorts. Following all the standards mentioned above, you can find comfort and style in a wide range available here to take over the town. So, check out the collection to pick the one that suits you and saves the planet!