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Everything You Need to Know About Girl’s Dress Sizes before buying - The Tribe Kids

Everything You Need to Know About Girl’s Dress Sizes before buying

Welcome to the one-stop blog that clears all your doubts about girls’ dress sizes before purchasing. From navigating through the world of dress sizing charts to tape measurements, you can now get maximum help to find your perfectly fitting dress in any store!


In today’s world, fashion is a constantly evolving field, and you need to clearly understand body measurements and standard sizes to pick the dress for your body shape. But to help you choose which one to buy continue reading to get a hand-held consultation here!


Introduction to Girl’s Dress Sizes

No two dress sizes are the same as they differ across retailers, and especially in the realm of girls' fashion clothing, finding the perfect fit can be a bit challenging for parents and guardians. In the case of online shopping, the process becomes even more difficult as no standard measurements are followed.


That’s why you must follow their chart to purchase a perfect-fitting dress. However, to keep you informed, you must also know the standard sizing for adults and children, which can help you at some point. They are taken in different areas of the body so that the dress fits perfectly:


  1. Bust/Chest: This measurement is taken completely around the chest to ensure a perfect upper-body fit.
  2. Waist: To ensure that the dress fits snuggly, the measurement is taken at the narrowest part of your torso, around the entire circumference of your waistline, and along with your belly button.
  3. Hip: To ensure comfortable hip area movement, this measurement is taken at the widest parts of the buttocks and hips so that there is enough room in the girls' dress for the hip area to move comfortably.
  4. Length: This measurement depends on whether you are purchasing a skirt or a gown, as it can include shoulder-to-hem or waist-to-hem length.
  5. Shoulder Width: The distance or width across the shoulders is measured to ensure the dress sits well on the shoulder area.


All these measurements have to be taken using a measuring tape and noted to empower you to make informed fashion choices before purchasing stylish girl dresses for girls online or offline.


Instructions to Follow While Measuring

Measuring your girl’s exact size can be challenging. However, follow these steps to get it done easily in minutes!

  • Measure in inches, as most American, British, and Australian clothing sizes use this criterion.
  • While measuring, the girl must be in a relaxed posture and wear snug-fitting clothing or undergarments to get accurate measurements.
  • Don't tighten the measuring tape while measuring. Just make it comfortably snug.
  • Choose the dress depending on the size chart the brand’s retailer provides. 


Aftermath of Choosing the Wrong Girl’s Dress Size: How to Fix

If you buy a cotton dress for girls online, for example, and the delivered product doesn’t fit, don't fret! There is a chance provided here to make it fit her properly:


  1. Remeasure the girl carefully and check the size chart provided by the dealer so that the measurement corresponds to the provided size and is correct.
  2. If it's wrong, go ahead with an exchange and choose a different one. Luckily, dress exchanges are possible without any extra fees.
  3. In case an exchange is not possible, especially if you have bought the wrong item offline because most online websites allow dress exchanges in their policies, try taking it to a tailor. You can alter it to fit your body. This cheaper alternative can create a different feel and outlook while wearing.



Whether choosing a plain or printed dress for girls, determining the right size is of the utmost importance to having an exciting yet smooth purchasing process. But after reading this blog, you are ready to explore the fashion realm of girls to pick a perfect dress. At Tribe Kids, you can explore the boasting collection of exclusively designed clothing to boost girls' confidence, beauty, and comfort. Happy shopping!