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The Magic of Mix-and-Match: Creating Unique Looks with Indo-Western Kids' Outfits - The Tribe Kids

The Magic of Mix-and-Match: Creating Unique Looks with Indo-Western Kids' Outfits

For a parent, dressing up a child is the most enjoyable experience. It is a nonverbal communication that emphasizes his or her importance. Be it any kind of occasion or just another casual day, dressing them up can lift their spirits.


However, instead of wearing the same old matching clothes and storing them for a long time unless used for a special occasion, why not go for a mix-and-match, creating your style of Indo-Western outfits for kids?


This is an on-trend style in the fashion field, where kids with a ten-item wardrobe can mix traditional Indian outfits with Western cuts and designs for special occasions and casual days without purchasing extra clothing.


This is a simple concept where the parent becomes the designer for the children. Want to try it out? Then check out the styling ideas in this blog to achieve the perfect Indo-Western Look for kids and make them appear in the limelight anywhere, anytime!


Designing an Indo-Western Outfit: Getting Started

Before designing the perfect stylish clothes for girls and boys, as a parent, you must consider these designing factors:


  • Understand the Style

Before getting started, it's highly recommended that kids understand the style they wear, as it can differ. If it's difficult to find, experiment with what is available in the wardrobe for kids to understand better as a parent so that they look better upon dressing.


  • Color Blocking

For many kids, bold-colored clothing might be the best option for bringing out their best. Therefore, try mixing two block colors that suit the kids and their styles without changing the trend.


  • Layer Up

This is an old yet unforgettable and easy way to style up. Simply put, the style involves layering different clothes and mixing them with shrugs, jackets, or even a simple stole. For instance, tops and suits can be layered up to keep up being an Indo-Western Outfit.


  • The Boldness

Mix solid and old colors for the top and bottom to look chic. Pairing aqua blue or just blue with bold red can make a huge impact. On the other hand, parents who particularly want to reflect their kids' inner boldness through Indo-Western styles can obtain influence the 90s classic styles.


  • Accessories

Parents who want their kids to look simple yet stylish can wear a minimalist kurta and a plain pair of jeans on them. However, to make this look complete, accessories are the most important.


In this style, try wearing a neckpiece or a smart Jutti with earrings or hairbands. Moreover, to keep a minimalist touch to the Indo-Western outfit for kids just wearing an ethnic style belt is the secret to success!


  • Long Short

Mixing long with short clothes available in the wardrobe can help adapt to the Indo-Western style For girls, incorporating a long kurta and a mid-length pant, shorts, or skirt is a suitable option. On the other hand, for boys' clothes, a denim jacket or shirt with dhoti pants can be a popular and timeless choice. These styles add more volume to the looks of kids.


  • Western Touch

Indo-Western outfits primarily rely on mix and match. Try spicing up the Western with the Indian mixing the knot tops, skirt, or polo with a blouse, with a lehenga. In the case of a blouse try pairing it with a pair of jeans or pants to glam childish appearances.


  • Sequins

Never forget the Indian version of gold and silver shimmers which are a timeless beauty that can never fade from an eye. Pair it while you buy girls' clothing online of any kind to get a complete Indo-Western on your kid.



These are a few design tips to stylize your very own Indo-Western Outfit for kids straight from the wardrobe. Try out Tribe Kids to shop from an extensive range of kids' collections trendy for every occasion!