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Tribe Kids is a sustainable eco-friendly brand that focuses on creating magic using handmade products designed from eco-friendly materials. The company’s dedication to a greener environment is noteworthy and at the same time provides the best clothing and accessories to their customers.

Are there stylish face masks available for Kids?

Ans: Yes, we provide masks for Kids which are extremely stylish. We have masks made from sequins, and printed cotton or lurex-cotton masks which are extremely stylish and give a sense of confidence to your kids as well.

Why are cotton face masks popular for everyday use?

Ans: Our cotton face masks are extremely popular for everyday use because they are super comfortable and do not give a suffocating feeling to your kids. Masks are getting popular due to the rise in pollution levels and we provide masks with 3 layers of protection that safeguard your kids. 

How should I clean and maintain reusable cloth masks?

Ans: All our masks can be washed by mere hands in gentle cold water with similar colors. This is the safest and most effective way to clean and maintain reusable cloth masks as coming in contact with any harsh detergents, the fabric might get destroyed which would ultimately affect the layer of protection and nullify them.

Do printed face masks have different patterns?

Ans: Yes, our printed masks have different kinds of patterns which are very attractive and stylish for your kids to wear. They can add up to the perfect accessory for your kids and can be added as an extra style element to enhance the overall look of the outfit.