In the hope to be a responsible brand, we strongly believe in paying our dues to the society and the environment. In that regard, working closely with the supply chain, managing key changes and specifications while keeping the theme and story of our brand intact, is a fun and an impactful challenge for us. We strongly believe in the net sustainable impact of our decisions therefore we try to up-cycle 50% of our product range whilst also incorporating up-cycling in our trim and accessories collection. The long term impact that we aim to achieve through this practice is to net as much carbon as we can. By addressing sustainability through net carbon, we understand that the supply chain processes in the garments do inhibit carbon, but as a brand, we constantly innovate by asking “how can we net the effects”, in our strive towards more carbon neutrality.

Our mission ’NO CARBON’ is to be a carbon neutral kids wear brand by 2022. The aim is to up-cycle 100% of the product and packaging range so we can have zero waste and progress towards a more circular sustainable cycle. As a kids wear company, we use these aims and goals to educate children and the youth by arranging workshops and seminars on the importance of sustainability and encouraging conversations about how we can make small responsible decisions together to make a significant impact as a society.
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