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the tribe kids sustainability
In the hope to be a responsible brand, we strongly believe in paying our dues to the society and the environment. In that regard, working closely with the supply chain, managing key changes and specifications while keeping the theme and story of our brand intact, is a fun and an impactful challenge for us.
We care for:
The Environment
-All our fabrics are sourced from GOTS certified manufacturers.
-The dying and printing of the garments are done with azo free and lead free dyes. No harmful chemicals.
-We only use digital printing as it is more eco-friendly. It produces less chemical waste and disposable equipment is not required.
-All the waste cuttings are sent to an up cycling plant to be used for various products. Nothing goes to a landfill!
-In order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduce air pollution we have installed solar panels on our factory.
The Society
-Our factory is SEDEX certified
-We provide a clean and hygienic working environment with high regards for human rights. We ensure a positive, nurturing and an all inclusive space.
-The schemes for our workers include provident fund for their retirement and medical insurance for their entire families.