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Boys Pants

Cooper Pants - Caramel Pant The Tribe Kids


Product Type
Cooper Pants - Caramel Pant The Tribe Kids
Cooper Pants - Caramel
Rs. 1,900.00
Cooper Pants - Navy Denim Pant The Tribe Kids
Cooper Pants - Navy Denim
Rs. 1,900.00
Cooper Pants - Olive Pant The Tribe Kids
Cooper Pants - Olive
Rs. 2,230.00
Cooper Pants - Navy Pant The Tribe Kids
Cooper Pants - Navy
Rs. 2,230.00


The Tribe Kids is an eco-conscious brand with our prime focus being on delivering comfort and stylish clothes and accessories for kids. Pants for boys is another category under our brand that holds an excellent position in the market and we have answered some common questions related to that below.

What are the different types of boys' pants available?

Ans: We provide different types of fashionable boy’s pants like Bermuda, basic pants, and denim pants. They are made from cotton sheeting, denim or canvas which makes them a super comfortable choice and there is a variety of designs.

Can I find cotton pants in different colors?

Ans: Absolutely yes. You can find different colors such as navy, olive, purple, and many more across our entire clothing range of bottom wear for boys. You can try “check” styled Bermudas and the classic Bermudas of solid colors.

What materials are commonly used in sustainable boys' trousers?

Ans: We use materials like cotton sheeting, denim, shredded fabric, canvas and maintain our composition to be 100 percent cotton making our trousers extremely comfortable. With the infused designs, we make them super trendy as well.

Are boys' cotton pants easy to care for and wash?

Ans: Our pants are extremely easy to care for and wash. We recommend you gently wash our pants with similar colors and that’s all. Details regarding how to care for pants are mentioned beside every item.

What should I look for in terms of durability and long-lasting pants?

Ans: One should look for the material being used in long-lasting pants. Our pants are made from eco-friendly materials like cotton sheeting, denim and so on making them an extremely durable product. With the proper washing care, our pants will surely help you to enhance your overall style and appearance.