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Boys Jackets

Kai Jacket - Caramel Jacket The Tribe Kids


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Kai Jacket - Caramel Jacket The Tribe Kids
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Kai Jacket - Caramel
Rs. 2,800.00
Kai Jacket - Navy Jacket The Tribe Kids
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Kai Jacket - Navy
Rs. 2,800.00
Andre Jacket - Maroon Jacket The Tribe Kids
Save Rs. 1,760.00
Andre Jacket - Maroon
Rs. 2,640.00 Rs. 4,400.00
Andre Jacket - Blue Jacket The Tribe Kids
Andre Jacket B - Burdeos Jacket The Tribe Kids
Save Rs. 1,709.00
Andre Jacket B - Burdeos
Rs. 2,560.00 Rs. 4,269.00


Boys’ Jackets by the Tribe Kids is another clothing line featuring jackets that are super trendy and comfortable. We are an eco-conscious brand and blend our superior materials which gives comfort with trendy designs. Below are the answers of the most frequently asked questions.

Are there specific types of cotton used for boys' jackets?

Ans: All our products are made from materials like denim, canvas, velvet and we maintain our lining of jackets with 100% cotton. Our jackets are lined with pure cotton to provide comfort and sometimes velvet is incorporated on the outer side to provide warmth.

How do I clean and care for a boys' denim jacket?

Ans: Cleaning and caring for our jackets are extremely easy as you need to dry clean them only. No washing or bleaching as it may cause the fabric to fade. Incorporate these measures so that the products can last much longer and provide the same comfort for years.

Are there jackets specifically designed for different seasons?

Ans: Our jackets are designed to provide warmth and comfort in the winter season. Jackets are available in different styles, with some enhanced with detachable hoodies so that one can use them for party wear as well by just detaching the hoodie.

Can I find bomber jackets in various styles for boys?

Ans: Yes, you can find different styles of bomber jackets in our boys’ section. We have bomber jackets with detachable hoodies making them the ideal one to use both for normal wear as well as for party wear as well.