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Set of 3 Violeta Flower Crown Headband - Ecru, Lilac, Pink Headbands The Tribe Kids


Set of 3 Violeta Flower Crown Headband - Ecru, Lilac, Pink Headbands The Tribe Kids
Set of accesories - Flower Crowns & Scrunchies - E/G combo ACCESSORIES The Tribe Kids


Tribe Kids is a fashion brand for kids both boys and girls providing kids with an excellent soft breathable clothing experience that allows them to feel super comfortable. We are a sustainable and eco-conscious brand and all our products are made from eco-friendly materials which overall creates a positive impact on the environment.

Can I wear a flower headband with any hairstyle?

Ans: Yes. A flower headband can be worn with any type of hairstyle. You can wear it for daily wear and even for special occasions, there’s no limitation. They enhance your outfit and act as a style statement as well.

What types of cotton are used to make flower crowns?

And: We use cotton cambric as the primary source of cotton to make flower crowns. Cotton cambric that we use is an eco-friendly material that is extremely lightweight and sustainable. We use this to not only benefit our customers but also have a positive impact on the environment as well.

Are flower headbands comfortable to wear?

Ans: Yes, our flower headbands are extremely comfortable to wear. We use lightweight materials like Sustainable cotton cambric, which is an eco-friendly sustainable material. The designs are specially handcrafted giving attention to details so that it fits well over your head.

Are cotton flower crowns adjustable for different head sizes?

Ans: Yes, depending on the design pattern, cotton flower crowns can be either of free size or adjustable. We recommend you check the size first before going to buy cotton flower crowns and afterward make an informed decision.